Toggling Explained As It Relates to Computers

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Toggling, means to switch from one setting to another. This is done by a toggle switch. A toggle switch will have two positions. Toggling has a special meaning for computers. A look at the computer keyboard will show that the Caps Lock Key has the functio

Toggling, means to switch from one setting to another. This is done by a toggle switch. A toggle switch will have two positions. Toggling has a special meaning for computers. A look at the computer keyboard will show that the Caps Lock Key has the function of a toggle switch. If Caps Lock is pressed on then pressing it again will turn it off. In case the Caps Lock is already off, then pressing it turns it on.

Toggling in computer means to switch from one feature to another on the screen, by pressing the same key twice.

 When people are working on a computer and have accessed the internet, there is every chance that several different browser windows could be opened up simultaneously. One may like to navigate between the different screens opened. This can be done by using the keyboard. Using the keyboard is handy in case your mouse is not working properly or you do not wish to use it.

The keyboard can be used to reach different open screens showcasing different programs. The steps involved in toggling between different screens are fairly simple and one can master the art of toggling on a computer quite easily. Firstly it is desirable to open more than one browser window on the computer. One can even open a document in the browser window.

Once two screens are open the next step is easy. The user must hold the “Alt” key and the “Tab” key simultaneously. If done adroitly the thumbnail versions of the screens will open. Follow up by

Hold down the "Alt" key and press the Tab key to scroll through the available windows. When the window .which is to be accessed appears the keys can be released.The above operation is for normal windows XP. But in case you have a MAC the steps as outlined below can be executed. Firstly launch the applications which are to be toggled. Once teh applications are launched, the user can proceed to the next step. Press the "Command" ( Apple key) and "Tab" key simultaneously. Pressing both the keys at the same time will result in a list of icons relating to teh applications opening on the screen. You can navigate between the icons by keeping"Command" key pressed and using"Tab " key to position the curser to the required application.

Once the required application is accessed the user must release both the keys. The computer system will automatically open the required application.  

 In case the user is using a computer which has   Firefox, Explorer or Safari as the operating systems, then the system which is loaded on your computer should be opened. Follow up by opening multiple tabs for all the sites that the user will like to toggle between.

 The next step is press the "Ctrl" and "Tab" keys simultaneously. Once these are pressed the user can easily toggle between the tabs opened in the browser

Toggling on a computer is easy and requires no special training. What is required is a little bit of practice and knowledge of the basic functions of a computer.


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