Learn HTML: Lesson 1-What is HTML ?

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   Have you ever wanted to create your own website with images, links, and colors ? If the answer is "yes", then you have arrived at the right place. Probably right now you might be thinking creating website might be a difficult task requiring a plethora of programming knowledge and expensive software. This is not the case; anyone with a computer can start learning how to create website instantly(and for free). In this article series, I will be showing you how to design and upload your very own website to the World Wide Web using HTML. Don't let the word HTML scare you, it is the basic language of the internet and even the most experienced programmers start with this. In the following segment of the article, I will familiarize you more with what HTML is all about and tools you need to get started on your very own website. In addition to this, all my HTML articles are written in a manner so that you don't need to have any experience in website creation at all. So let us get started...

1. What is HTML ?

It stands for Hyper Text Make-up Language. Originally created in 1990s by the scientist Tim Berners-Lee, HTML was used to exchange information between scientists from all over the country. However it ended up becoming the "mother-tongue" or the "skeleton" of the internet we are familiar with today. If you want to see the skeleton of this web page you are on right now simply right click and then selct "view source". A new window will pop up with the HTML codes for this page. Now don't be intimidated by the strange looking signs and codes because by the end of this "course" you will be able to identify them and will be writing similar codes on your own.

2. What do I need ?

You might be surprised at the tools you need to create your website. After all these items are things you use everday !

  • Notepad or Text document- You will need a program to write the HTML codes on. And the best choices are Notepad or New Text Document that come pre-installed in all Microsoft Windows computers. Simply right click>new>Text document to open a Text document. If you want to use Notepad click start>all programs>assesories>Notepad. Also there are numerous HTML writing programs on the web that you can download but for now I would recommend to any beginners to stick with either Notepad or Text Document. If you are using a Mac computer, you can use the program TextEdit. And Linux users can use Pico.
  • Web Browser- The next thing you need is a web browser. In case you don't know what a browser is, it is a program the lets you surf the web and you are on one right now. There are numerous types of browsers you can use but I recommend Mozilla Firefox which is super-easy to use and really organized. And by the way, when you are creating your website you don't need to be connected to the internet.

Well that's it for right now. But soon I will publish the article on the basics of writing HTML codes so stay tuned by following me. Thanks for reading !!!


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