Java, What is It, and What Are the Benefits?

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Have you seen Java on your computer and wondered what it is? Have you taken an interest in learning Java? The world is currently being taken over by this programming language and you shouldn't be left behind! Java is an easy to use, highly poerful coding

Java, is a computer programming language originally released in 1995, by Sun Microsystems. Java, is revered in the programming world as being the best and most proficient "write once run anywhere" (WORA) software language. 

The general goal of Java, originally named Oak (because of a tree that grew outside the developer's office), was to do away with implimentation dependencies. In order to understand this, it is important to note that many of the early programming platforms i.e. Microsoft, Apple, IBM, etc. all used different languages, that were completely incompatible with the language if the competing producer. It was impossible to write a program for Microsoft (who was using visual C languages), and run it on an Apple Platform, who mainly used Objective C. 

Java, is the ultimate solution to this problem. Java, is designed to run on any platform. The way it accomplishes this, is by installing a program that acts as a virtual compiler. This virtual compiler is most often installed as a function of a web browser, which then compiles the coding on Java specific websites. This ablity to move from platform to platform, makes Java a highly popular coding language, and opens horizons for many programmers who do not want to be tied down to a single system language.

Another fantastic aspect of Java coding is the simplicity of the language. Java took all of the best parts of the most popular languages, and implimented them in one easy to understand, easy to follow language. The average programmer can master the language within one year. Many of the best Java coders in the world are self taught, and the employment opportunities for Java coders is vast. Because of it's ability to adapt to multiple platforms, Java is popular with programmers at any level. From Microsoft to Linux, Java programmers play an essential role in technologies development. 

So why is Java important to you? Well, you may not know it, but chances are you have been running java applications on your computer for sometime. Many of the worlds most popular social media sites, gaming sites, and email servers are coded in Javascript. Millions of programs online, and off the shelf are converting to Java in order to avoid conflict with other operating systems. Businesses have latched onto the fact that money can be saved by coding one program in a single language, and allowing it to be promoted on several platforms. 

You can learn more about Java, and even learn to code with Java at 


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