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InstallAware is a tool that is used by software companies to help in the distribution and installation of their software products. Companies use this tool to be able to make their software programs instantly work on machines using Windows operating systems. With InstallAware, software distributors are able to install and make their systems work on multiple machines without having to physically set the configurations on each machine themselves thus eliminating too much time in distributing softwares. Simply put, InstallAware simplifies the task of distributing softwares. InstallAware is easy to use, easy to learn and easy to implement. This product is capable of building software installers for simple or basic systems to complex and large systems. InstallAware is a must have tool for any Software Company that would need to make their products work on their client's machines.

Install Aware: What makes it different?

InstallAware boast mainly of three major features.

1. Complete Features - InstallAware has a complete set of features even when using it's most basic version.  Built in with scripting for customizing the installation steps. Common dependency components required by the Windows Operating systems are available out of box.

2. Learning Curve - InstallAware is one of the easiest tool to learn in the market. With the intiutive design of it's IDE and wizards, the tool is easy to learn. Users without prior experience in using installers can easily learn and adapt with the easy-to-understand layout.

3. Ease of Use - With it's easy to learn feature, using InstallAware becomes fun to use. In addition to it's ease of use, InstallAware builds installers quickly making the total work experience with InstallAware very productive.

Install Aware vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Install Aware)

InstallAware comes close or even better than InstallShield. InstallShield mainly has better community support and has larger marketability from IT businesses. Prices are at par with InstallShield.

InstallAware gets better in terms of it's ease of use. Because of it's better interface design, InstallAware can be operated and used without so much dependence with it's help manual. Another area InstallAware shines is in it's built in scripting language. The human readable codes with it's easy to understand help manual makes customizing very easy to implement. 

Due to it's easy design, users new to InstallAware can learn the tool easily. Making software businesses more productive in distributing software easily and successfully without the need for additional manpower.

Install Aware: Pricing & packages

InstallAware comes in 4 versions. Express, Developer, Studio and Studio Admin.  

1. Express - This comes with all standard features. This version is fit and best for small installations and standalone software programs. This has a standard User Interface provided by InstallAware. It also have basic scripting capable of customizing the installation steps and configurations. This version starts at the price of $999.

2. Developer - This comes with all standard features plus features that Software Developers can use to extend the installation and provide customized features. This version enables developers to create programs that would enable custom processes that are not available in the standard installation process. This version starts with the price of $1499.

3. Studio - This version adds additional features from the Developer version. Adds the ability to customize the installer forms and build multiple versions of the installer for various levels of software features. Comes at a good price of P1999

4. Studio Admin - Basically has all the features of the Studio version with the addition of Administrative task like importing and exporting of installer databases built from other installers.

Install Aware: Product images & screenshots
Install Aware Coupons
Install Aware: Customer reviews & comments

For many software developers, InstallAware is a better choice. With features attractive to developers making the tool very easy to add functionality and customizable. For small software distributors, InstallAware is their installer of choice since it does not have the complexity that other installers impose. For more complex software distributors, InstallAware provides the additional features that enables their users the ability to extend and customize the installation process. Since it's introduction, InstallAware has been recognized in the IT community and has been awarded by various product review institutions. Overall InstallAware is a must have tool for simple to complex types of software distributions. 

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