How to Convert a File Format from BMP (Bitmap) to AVI Using Blaze Media Pro Converter

This file format tutorial will show you how to convert a (Bitmap) BMP file extension to AVI file format using Blaze Media Pro converter.

The bitmap, or BMP, file format (sometimes called DIB) can be converted to AVI using a file extension converter called Blaze Media Pro. AVI, or Audio Video Interleave, is a file format used for videos. The bitmap file format is an image filr format that is used to store bitmap images on Windows and OS/2 operating systems. Bitmap images are used in many graphical user interfaces in their integrated graphics subsystems. Microsoft Windows uses the BMP file format in the GDI subsystem.

The file extensions used for bitmap images are BMP and DIB. AVI is a container format that supports both audio and video. Converting BMP to AVI is not very common because people usually don’t bother to convert an image file to a video format. However, this practice can be useful if you want compile many images to a video slide show. This tutorial will show you how to convert BMP images to AVI format using Blaze Media Pro software.

How Blaze Media Pro Works

The Blaze Media Pro program has a easy-to-use video compiler that can be used to create a new digital video file from a set of image files. Each of these image files will be inserted as a frame on the new video being created. After compiling the still images, the output can then be saved as an AVI file using any desired compression codecs such as MPG and WMV.

How to Convert BMP to AVI Using Blaze Media Pro Converter

1. Download and install the Blaze Media Pro application from

2. After installing the software, double-click the desktop icon and click the Construct Video icon found on the main menu.

3. There should be a new window open. You can now add the image files you wish to compile to your new video. You can also add an audio file to accompany the video.

4. After selecting all of the necessary image files, you will need to select the desired output format. You have the option of selecting AVI, MPEG, or WMV. Select the AVI tab.

5. You can use Blaze Media Pro to change the dimensions of the output video. By default the dimensions are the same as the first image on the compiled list. Simply click the Output tab and select any pixel width and height. You can also change the frame repetition options. This will determine how long each image will appear in the videos you make.

6. Click the Convert button to begin the conversion process. This may take a few minutes.


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