Understanding the Advantages and Features of the Computer Language JAVA

advantages of computer languagejava

1. Platform independent- Programs which are written in JAVA can be very easily moved from one computer to another. If changes and upgrades are made in the system resources, operating systems and processors, then it does not have any effect on the execution of programs. Due to this reason JAVA is one of the most popular languages used for Internet. A JAVA applet if downloaded from a remote computer to a local system can easily be executed locally.

2. Compiled and interpreter- The computer languages we use, employ either a compiler or an interpreter. But JAVA features the use of both of them. JAVA at first uses the compiler to translate the source code to byte code. Secondly, the byte code generated is converted to machine code by the interpreter.

3. Portable- JAVA is a portable language. It can be proved as below:

a) The byte code which is generated by the compiler is machine independent, i.e. it can be executed on any machine.

b) The size of the primitive data types (int, float, etc.) are machine independent.

4. Object oriented- The main feature of JAVA is that it is an object-oriented programming language. It means that all the program codes and data are always a part of classes and objects.

5. Robust- JAVA has many provisions to ensure that a programmer writes a reliable code. JAVA checks for compile time and run time errors for data types. It incorporates the concept of exception handling which avoids any kind of deadlock while executing a program. JAVA is also known as a garbage collected program i.e. it helps out the programmers with the problems of memory management.

6. Secure- Since JAVA is used in Internet applications, security is a major issue. JAVA verifies all memory accesses. It also ensures that no virus is communicated with any JAVA applet. Any program cannot access memory locations without any proper authorization as there is no pointer concept here.

7. Distributed- The JAVA applications can be opened easily on Internet from remote computers. JAVA has the ability to share programs and data over a network which is why a single project can be completed by many different programmers working together from different remote locations.

8. Multithreaded- JAVA is multithreaded programming language i.e. it has the ability to handle multiple tasks at the same time. Thus, no task waits for the other task which is currently running to be finished


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