Top 10 Programming Tools Sites & Retailers for June 2017
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Codementor should be where you go if you’re starting out and want to learn a language. They even have a tool with questions that let you decide which one to learn. Airpair has options for making sessions cost a bit less money through having them recorded. Hackhands has the most guarantees includin...
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Whether you are in IT, work for a large company or work for yourself, we all need help at times with coding problems and questions, and these three companies can help. Codementor is a mentor and helpful service for all programmers and offers help with many languages. Airpair also has help, plus they...
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I'm owning iPhone 5S and I want to get various type of apps and tweaks on that, But as per many leading forums and websites like, I can only get those paid and premium apps for FREE by installing Cydia on my Apple device. Now problem is that, Cydia comes with Jailbreak process, so in ...
Asked by Bhavin Swadas 38 months ago in | 0 answers
Last answer by Teresa Conti 53 months ago: You don't need a compiler. Linux and Mac operating systems come with Python already installed, so you can run it simply by typing "python3" from your keyboard. However, you might want an interpreter, instead. If so download it from . The more user friendly version is... read more
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